Gung Ho Tours provides bespoke adventures, journeys and experiences that focus on exposing visitors to the real China, chiseling behind the hype and demystifying the Middle Kingdom.

Gung Ho Tours allows intelligent travelers to access Chinese and expatriate thought leaders across cultural, business, artistic and political spheres. These tours seek to challenge visitors’ perceptions and comfort zones and expose them to the China of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Get on board for a ride.

September 2009 China Art + Architecture Tour: 3 cities, 12 galleries, blackened-out artists' studios, some dangerously hot chillis, revisionist treaty port dining, beachside seafood feasts, property tycoon lectures, Andy Xie unplugged, etc. etc.

2007 Investor Tour: 2 Cities, one rural village, a suited up semi-conductor plant clean room visit, far too many late night bars, one far too legitimate foot massage salon, a scramble up the Great Wall and sunset beers afterwards, Chinese Ambassadors lunch and a 101 on various China bubble-economics. In short, a blast!