Gung Ho Ventures is an start-up platform with a difference, specializing in launching innovative f&b and lifestyle concepts with scope in mainland China.

The Gung Ho Team adheres to a philosophy of "style with substance", understanding that though excellence is always our main priority, style brings with it passion and longevity. Substance in this case refers to our experience. Gung Ho has been in the Beijing food & beverage industry since 2003 and has in-depth experience at both ends of the spectrum, from corporate franchise operations to ambitious start-ups.

Gung Ho specializes in fusing Antipodean ingenuity and irreverence, tried and true management practices and an insightful understanding of the Chinese consumer borne of years of experience. The founders of Gung Ho have been testing the ground here in the P.R.C since 1996, often venturing far beyond the beaten track, and in the process amassing a unique perspective on combining western-concept business models with the hard reality of doing business in China.

Gung Ho Ventures is a team on the move but with solid foundations in business, the food & beverage industry and China itself.

Lush and Pyro Pizza are successful profit-focused food & beverage venues driven by a combination of strategic discipline, systemized operations and a guerilla marketing mentality.

What is Gung Ho? Well, it's a couple of guys representing the Antipodean hemisphere and bringing a diverse range of skills and experience to the table.

Gung Ho Ventures embodies the "Gung Ho" mentality, we're the men (and women) at the coal face, where the rubber meets the road. We're not afraid to roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty, and have a cold beer afterwards.

Gung Ho Ventures is all about China. With presence in the trenches here since 1996 we're not going anywhere anytime soon. We're dedicated to nurturing the next generation, and passionate about helping them rise to the challenge of a new China.

We're Gung Ho, and we're here to stay.